Bracelets and Bouquets Mother’s Day Event

Join Florista of West Olive and The Welded Company for our first Mother’s Day event. Your evening will include a Floral Arrangement workshop where you can relax and express yourself through floral design, and treat yourself with a custom clasp-less bracelet welded to fit you perfectly. You will not only have quality time with your mother or whomever you come with, but will also walk away with some beautiful products!

Thursday, May 11th from 5:30pm-8:30pm

Location: The Weaver House 15400 Polk St, West Olive, MI 49460

Ticket Cost: $105


Once tickets are purchased you will receive a separate email with your ticket and additional details within 1-3 business days.

Meet Dayle from The Welded Company!

She launched The Welded Company in December of 2022 and has been full-force ever since. Meeting awesome people, constantly learning, growing professionally, and having flexibility with her schedule are just a few luxuries that Dayle appreciates about her permanent jewelry business. When she is not swooning over The Welded Company, Dayle is adventuring with her little family! Attending farmer’s markets, trying new restaurants & breweries, and simply hiking through stunning West Michigan are a few things Dayle and her little family love doing together. 

Dayle can’t wait to meet you and treat you to some beautiful jewelry! 

Meet Erin from Florista of West Olive

Erin started Florista of West Olive in 2019 after moving back to the area from Indiana.  Erin grew up in the nursery business so flower growing and arranging was not a far stretch from her roots (pun intended). She is excited to share what she has learned designing flowers over the last few years through workshops and arrangement parties. Being with her family is her favorite thing but she also enjoys playing volleyball, game nights, and all things Star Wars. She is thankful for a creative God who shares the beauty of His creation with us through flowers.

Spring is around the corner- Erin and the her flowers are excited and ready to create gorgeous arrangements with you!


What if I can’t get there by 5:30? No problem, we will have time to mingle, take pictures and get settled before starting flower arranging. Flowers arranging will start at about 6:15/6:30.

Will there be food? We will have some complimentary snacks and beverages. You may want to eat a little something before you come.

Do I need to know anything about flower arranging to attend? No! This is a beginner level workshop. No prior knowledge required.

Can I get additional permanent jewelry while there? Yes! Anything above and beyond a bracelet will be an additional cost. Cost will vary based on chain, material and type.

Will I get to take my arrangement with me after the workshop? Yes! You will get to take the arrangement with you to display to all your friends AND brag that you made it yourself.

When do I get my bracelet? Bracelets will be welded throughout the evening. Each individual will have a personal time slot to design their chain and have it welded on. Your personal time slot will be determined upon arrival.

What if I don’t want a permanent bracelet? No worries, you can purchase a clasp for an additional five dollars at the event. This will make your bracelet removable and giftable.

How long will it take to get my bracelet? Bracelets typically take five to ten minutes for your custom fit and to be welded. Chains will be on display so you can start browsing as soon as you get there. You can also visit The Welded Company’s website to look at chains before the event.

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